Classically trained musician, composer, sound designer, music producer and sonic artist who caught the electronic music bug back in the mid 80-s. Being compulsively obsessed by sound and rhythm, relentlessly driven by insatiable curiosity and a desire to discover new ways for taking modern music one step further, all in order to cross the boundaries and blur the familiar borders between genres, attitudes, concepts and ideologies, Haris has since his youth been dedicated to productive experimentation with diverse sounds and passionate about living and breathing in a brave new sonic world.

Čustović gained recognition, popularity and respect amongst fans and critics by creating and steadily releasing an impressive amount of quality genre-bending music work through his own Laus music imprint as well as a variety of credible record labels, alongside working on a number of side projects, such as composition, live music performance and sound designing libraries for music software, working with sound for moving picture, creating audio-visual works for exhibitions, international collaborations with artists and musicians working in various fields – from electronica and dub, rock and jazz-funk, to contemporary arts – creating work that resonated across different scenes and territories.

Influenced by solidity of electronic and strangeness of experimental music, pulsating sounds of minimalism, rawness of rock, richness of orchestral music, atonality of jazz, grooves of funk and world music colours, Haris’ sound is an emotive and moving interplay of specific music parts and sound design, exploring creative techniques that blend sonic elements which are often contrasting in nature. Using technology as a tool of expression, he interpolates and juxtaposes natural/organic with electronic/synthetic, therefore achieving a characteristic and  recognisable signature sound that is both individual and innovative. With a mission to defy categorisation and avoid segmentation, Haris has created an interface where a free world of sonic possibilities can be explored.

Haris has performed both solo and as a member of a band at major venues all over the world, from Europe to USA, South America and Far East, and his work has been supported by countless DJs, fans and music aficionados alike.